Velvet and Leather at the YouTube Space LA 7.21.17

Frida and I went to the YouTube Space on Wednesday night for a music night. We got to see Bea Miller perform, who I was a lowkey fan of before and my admiration for her definitely grew after seeing her perform live. It was also a fun opportunity to dress up and get some red carpet pics taken! 

Velvet bodysuit: Forever 21 

Faux leather jacket: Frida’s from Sweden 

Dark green corduroy skirt: Forever 21 

Blue lace Shoes: Converse 

Handbag: Moda Industria

I was really happy with my makeup look, too! 

Tarte liquid foundation 

Mally primer, concealer, and blush 

Elf contour powder kit and eyebrow gel 

Bare minerals ID eyeshadow 

Eyelure lashes with Mally mascara

Mally lipgloss 

I don’t usually wear pink colors on my eyes – I go with light tans and browns – but I liked this look so much I did it again today! 

You can see it in action in the video I shot and posted on my channel today. It’s all about my stupid irrational fears (that turned out mostly to be about Port-a-Pottys):

Now that we are moved in to our new place I hope life will be slowing down and I can post more outfit pics! I just need to find a good spot by my new house to take them 🙂 
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Take a Polaroid, It’ll Last Longer 6.6.17

Shirt: Target 

Choker: Forever 21

Sweatpants: handed down from my stepmom because they were too big for her, baybee! 

I love this shirt, even though it’s pretty strange that wearing corporate logos is just a part of fashion now. But shit, it’s a cute logo. This look is a little ’70s, a little ’90s, a little 2017 and that’s basically my look. I’m ready for the sequel to Dazed and Confused, no matter what decade it’s set in. 

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I got to watch Rachel Maddow tonight because I’m at a friend’s house – I don’t have cable and my TV is 20 years old but Rachel makes me wish I had cable. Sometimes all the news is overwhelming and I love her ability to lay it all out clearly. I felt more hopeful than I have in a while that all of this will end with Trump in prison. Please, Lord. 

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Fly the Friendly Skies 6.01.17

Jumpsuit and choker: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

I flew from Kansas City home to LA today! I had a great trip to Kansas, you can see the latest vlog here:

t’s good to be back in LA with Frida. I also got to fly first on the way home which is always a fun treat. And the legroom is to die for. I have to dress up on flights because I fly as a guest of my aunt, who’s a flight attendant, so officially I am representing the company. Also if they have space in first I can sit there, but only if I dressed up. I had been wearing a dress but that’s not too comfy while you fly, and then if you don’t get first you’re stuck in coach in a dress which is not a super pleasant experience. I decided I wanted a black jumpsuit, went to Forever 21 to look for one, and by Jove there it was. The perfect airplane outfit for me. Looks nice but it’s comfy and great for airplane naps!

More disappointing news – I honestly can barely stand to think too much about the US pulling out of the Paris climate agreement. Republicans today exist only to make liberals mad so they will jeopardize their children’s future just to stick it to liberal strangers on the internet. It’s “cut off your nose to spite your face” come to life.

At least I found a good jumpsuit. Sigh.

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Wish Upon a Star

This outfit reminds me of the ’90s Disney Channel movie Wish Upon a Star, where Katherine Heigl switches bodies with her sister. It’s so good. I loved that movie as a kid and wanted to grow up to look just like her and now I totally do! Just shorter and with a different face. 

Crushed velvet dress, choker, and jelly shoes: Forever 21 

I’m in Kansas for a week watching my dad’s house and taking care of their animals. I made a vlog about my trip here and introduced all the animals by recreating the opening of Bring it On. I don’t know I guess I’m just a creative genius??

I sure do hope Jared Kushner goes to prison. 

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Thoughts in the Flowers

Processed with VSCO with c7 presetProcessed with VSCO with c7 preset

Shirt and shorts: Forever 21

(The shoes are black and white platform sandals also from Forever 21 but I didn’t get a picture of them)

Processed with VSCO with c7 presetProcessed with VSCO with c7 presetProcessed with VSCO with c7 preset

I love this outfit! It’s Frida’s shirt and this was my first time wearing it. I felt like a cast member of Grease.

It feels a little weird to write a fashion post on a day like this where there was a terrible terrorist attack, but I do think paying a lot of attention to these attacks makes them continue. I wrote about that in a thread on Twitter:

I don’t judge people for having genuine human reactions and putting those reactions online. Writing online is obviously one way that I deal with my feelings, too. But terrorism works because of the terror it causes. That widespread terror leads terrorists to commit more awful crimes, because they know it works. If we were to simply ignore these attacks, though, what kind of people would that make us? What message would that send to their loved ones?

At the same time, England is an incredibly safe country. So is the US. Crime is down and terrorism is incredibly rare statistically. We’re still more likely to die from slipping and falling in the bathtub than getting murdered by a terrorist. Every time we stop everything to focus on a terror attack, we make terrorism seem like a more common and widespread issue than it really is, and that’s a dangerous place to be in our modern world. We don’t want people scared, angry, and looking for someone to blame.

I feel very sad for everyone who lost their lives tonight. I feel sad that angry, lonely people choose to inflict needless pain and suffering in the world. Life doesn’t have to be like this.

Sending all of you my love.


Wearing florals to a Wonder Woman event at the YouTube space!

I have been serving some major looks lately but haven’t written a blog post because I am a bad person?? but mostly very busy. I had a lot of fun in the outfit I wore to this Wonder Woman master class at the YouTube space on Friday.

Processed with VSCO with c7 presetProcessed with VSCO with c7 presetProcessed with VSCO with m6 preset

Dress and kimono robe: Forever 21

Shoes: Target

The dress and kimono are both Frida’s and her review of the outfit was that she would not have been brave enough to wear them together but she liked it. I hadn’t really considered that maybe they didn’t go together because I love the two florals combined! The kimono also makes this super-short dress a lot less intimidating to wear.

Wonder Woman is going to be amazing. We already bought tickets for opening weekend and we NEVER see movies in the theater. I made a vlog of the event if you want to check it out:

CADEM – the California Democratic convention – was yesterday. I ran for a delegate slot in January and lost and after seeing videos online, I’m glad I lost. It looked horrible. You have a bunch of people who are new to the party/not really members of the party protesting the entire time, shouting down speakers, and some of the organizers getting heated in return. It’s ridiculous to protest a group of California Democrats with signs about single payer. Almost every California Democrat wants single payer. That’s like going to Peta and screaming at them that they should become vegetarian. People seem hopped up on anger and self-righteousness and I don’t see how anything productive can come out of that. The California Democratic Party is a success. Our state is a success. It doesn’t need to be destroyed. I feel incredibly grateful to live in a state where the Democratic Party is in power and ensuring my rights and freedoms.

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New Horizons 5.6.17

Shirt: H&M

Jeans and purse: Target

Jacket: NASA (bought it at Cape Canaveral) 

Shoes: Converse
I got these jeans a couple days ago at Target and it’s incredible what a well-fitting pair of jeans can do for your psyche. I’m a new woman. 

I’ve been on a journey to learn how to roll a joint for a movie I’m shooting next week. I don’t smoke weed because it makes me tired and boring but I booked a role as a small time drug dealer and I need to roll joints on camera. I made a vlog about my journey of self-discovery: 

I posted about this on twitter and it was interesting to see the responses. I’ve noticed that people on Twitter often don’t get when I’m joking around or being lighthearted. I guess most people followed me because of my political opinions so they expect me to be serious all the time, but I’m not. I can’t be. I can’t ever choose between being a serious person with educated political opinions and being a silly person who makes profanity-laced jokes. So yeah, my journey to learn how to roll a joint is supposed to be humorous. I’m making fun of myself for being completely clueless. I find it fascinating how many people assume I’m always being serious. Hyperbole is my natural state. 

I find taking a serious photo pretending to smoke a poorly-made prop joint hilarious, and it doesn’t hurt that I look good, too. 

I feel like people like being able to categorize you. Everyone wants to fit you in a box so they can make sense of you. It’s fascinating seeing people on Twitter describe my political opinions and try and ascribe labels to me so they can feel satisfied that I have been defined. I’m not even defiantly opposed to labels, but it’s unreasonable to expect people to conform to them all the time. I can be a Democrat who doesn’t always agree with everything Democrats do. I can be smart and obsessed with makeup at the same time. I can use my social media to talk about fascism and make jokes about how you should just let opossums in your house so they can become your pets. (I tweeted this today and someone said, “Really??” Like girl…. what do you think?)

I hope you’re all having a blessed weekend. For the record, I say “blessed” because I find it funny. Sigh.

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Indiana to LA ✈️

I’m back in LA! I had one last nice morning in Indiana with my mom and then got in an aluminum tube shooting across the sky as I watched Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

Jacket: Forever 21

Shoes: Mossimo at Target

Purse and backpack: Target

Dress: Tahari

New shoes!! I got them today at Target. I like Target a little bit, in case you didn’t notice. I had to dress up because I’m flying standby on pass travel – my aunt is a flight attendant and I am her official plus one – and since you’re representing the company, you have to dress up. Wearing a dress and heels in the airport still feels pretty ridiculous to me but I enjoy it, too. Everyone stares at you when you’re dressed up at the airport. I like attention. 

My new choker is from Claire’s!

I read up on the healthcare news right before I got on the plane and it’s just horribly depressing. I won’t have the money to buy health insurance without the ACA and I know health insurance is predicated on young, healthy people like me buying it. The system needs me to function, but I won’t be able to afford it. Frida currently doesn’t have health insurance and I have nightmares about her getting appendicitis like my brother did last year. I really wish the media would stop reporting on politics like a horse race. It isn’t about one party winning and another losing. Even if Republicans get voted out in 2018 over this, people will still have lost their lives. The AHCA will kill people. 

I’m really glad to be back in LA with Frida, even though it’s just for a few days! I go to Montana on Tuesday to film the movie Big Fork, then I’ll be back in LA Thursday night. Good thing I actually love flying. 

Sending my love to everyone in danger of losing their healthcare or who is feeling despondent. 

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Otis Days 5.3.17

I’ve spent the last few days in my hometown of Bloomington, Indiana visiting my mom and my former foster dog, Otis.

I’ve gotten really into editing my photos. Don’t worry about it. 

Pretty proud of this one tbh. 

Our amazing day at the lake!!! 

I was not supposed to let him on the couch and I mostly didn’t but when I came in the room and he was already on it, I took some cute pics before making him get off. Making cozy dogs get off of couches feels cruel to me. 
I’ve had no time for outfit posts (also I pack super light when I travel and then look bad the whole time I’m on vacation) or thinking about politics, except for the random rant on Twitter. It sucks sometimes to be enjoying my life and then I check twitter and it’s just a cesspool of negativity. Which makes sense – our political situation sucks right now, and I’m negative on twitter a lot too – but it’s draining. It’s nicer to spend time with a cute dog.
I have been wanting to vlog more so I made a pretty cute vlog of my two days with Otis! Check it out and subscribe to my channel to keep up to date. 😘

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There’s Nowhere Like Home 4.27.17

I’m in Kansas for a long weekend, babysitting my brothers and sisters! I have six brothers and sisters, five of whom live with my dad, and I’m helping out so my parents can go out of town for a couple days.

IMG_6499IMG_6492Hoodie: American Eagle (got it in high school, it’s an old fave)

Hat and choker: Forever 21

Jacket: Northface (it does not match. I was just cold)

Jeans: Frida’s from SwedenIMG_6464

My little sister is 5 and she’s already cooler than me. Not fair. My dad was only willing to take one photo of us together and her eyes are closed so that’s just how it is. My brother and I tried to take photos together but Duchess kept getting in the way. 🙂


Murphy is one of the most beautiful dogs on the planet, both inside and out. I am obsessed.


I flew to Kansas early Wednesday morning and had a real FASHION EMERGENCY. I had to dress up because I was flying standby as a guest (my aunt is a flight attendant and I’m her official guest), which means you have to look nice. I don’t own too many nice outfits so I wore a gorgeous black dress and one of the only pairs of heels I have. I bought them in college and haven’t worn them in a while and holy shit.


THEY BROKE. This is a photo of just one but the other one broke a minute later. While I was standing in the security line, with no way to stop moving forward or change my shoes. Don’t make my mistakes – if you haven’t worn a pair of heels in a while, don’t wear them for a big event like a night out or trying to fly standby on an airplane. The glue might have died completely. This moment truly sucked, and then I had to wear tennis shoes with a nice black dress. Thank God I made it on the plane anyway!


I watched Girlboss on the plane and let me tell you… I am feeling flare jeans again. These have been teasing a comeback for a while and I think it can really happen.IMG_6450


This is Eva. She’s just really cute.

I haven’t been able to be on the internet keeping up with politics too much for the last couple days since I was traveling to Kansas and then hanging out with my family, but I did have a tweet thread blow up and gained 1,000 followers in a day which is always sort of a strange experience when I don’t have the time to keep up with what’s going on. It’s also hard not to focus on the tiny percentage of people who misinterpret my meaning completely and get all pissy for no reason. I know the vast majority of people who read the tweet don’t react like that, so I shouldn’t focus on it, but it’s frustrating to be misunderstood. I wrote that Ivanka Trump has a White House job and some people took that to mean I think she’s an impressive person. I don’t – she shouldn’t have a White House job – but the fact is that she does, and that means she should be held accountable as part of the administration, not defended as a child.

A lot of people have been criticizing Obama’s $400,000 speaking fee to a bank and I just can’t with this shit. Obama wants to make some dynastic wealth for his family, that’s his business. There’s very little of that for Black families in America. Get Sasha and Malia a trust fund. Take them kitesurfing. I don’t care, it’s his money. I also don’t think there’s anything inherently evil about speaking to a bank. I just don’t. More than anything, I’m fucking exhausted at the double standard. It feels more obvious than ever that Hillary and Obama are always held to a different, much higher standard than any white male politician. And the glee with which people tear them apart is appalling, especially when it comes from the left. There are a lot of white leftists who claim to want Democrats to win elections, yet seem completely uninterested in the needs and preferences of Black voters, who are the Democratic Party’s base. Shitting on Barack Obama is not the way to win Black voters. A lot of white leftists seem to think it’s OK to take the Black vote for granted while in pursuit of the fleeing white man vote and it’s not. It’s politically wrong and morally wrong. If the Democratic Party abandons Black voters in order to win back racist whites, we will lose and we will deserve to.

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