Texas Denim

I’m in Austin! My brother lives here and I’m visiting for the week – Otis and I flew here on Friday. He did amazing his first time on a plane. 🙂 After a few days of just chilling with family I finally got around to taking a couple outfit photos!

Shirt: Gina Tricot (Swedish brand)

Jeans: Levis

Boots: Mossimo for Target

Glasses: Forever 21

I am OBSESSED with these glasses. I think they do look a little like 70s/80s serial killer glasses but I’m ok with that. I wore them with a big cowboy hat the other day and I think Frida was embarrassed to be seen with me.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving! I don’t love the holiday for many reasons political and practical but I love any excuse to hang out with my family. ❤️ Where will you be celebrating?

If you want to keep up with my life you can always find me posting to my Instagram story! @erikaheidewald



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