Officially, as of today, I quit my day job. I am now a full-time actress and housewife!!! (Technically housefiancée, but who’s keeping track?) I’m so incredibly excited. This change is going to leave me more time to work on my career and the things that really matter to me in life. God willing, I am done with the day job life forever.

I’ve always been somewhat cleaning-averse but I’m actually looking forward to keeping a clean and organized home. I used to resent it because it represented time away from my acting career – work for money came first, work to keep myself alive came second, and work for my acting career came third. Any time I spent at the grocery store or doing laundry or sweeping the kitchen was time coming out of pursuing the career that is my driving force on this planet. But now, I don’t have to do day job work. My acting career can come first, and keeping a nice home and lifestyle for myself, Frida, and our pets can come second. I recognize that this is a privilege, and it’s one I’ve never had before. I’ve been working nonstop since I was 14. I frequently pulled all-nighters. Two years ago I had FIVE jobs during the fall. I slept a few hours a night and I swear to god, I got eye bags I can never get rid of. But now Frida has a steady income that can support us, and any money I make from acting is supplemental. I get to just pursue my dream and create a wonderful life for my fiancée and me. I’m overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude that I get to do this.

Since we’re here, let’s indulge in some outfit pics.

Processed with VSCO with c7 presetProcessed with VSCO with c7 preset

Dress and belt: authentic 1960s vintage, Jet Rag

Shoes: Target

I loved this outfit and literally wore it just to hang out at home and edit YouTube videos. I always feel nice getting dressed up, even with nowhere to go.

Good riddance to my day job. I feel fucking free.



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