Take a Polaroid, It’ll Last Longer 6.6.17

Shirt: Target 

Choker: Forever 21

Sweatpants: handed down from my stepmom because they were too big for her, baybee! 

I love this shirt, even though it’s pretty strange that wearing corporate logos is just a part of fashion now. But shit, it’s a cute logo. This look is a little ’70s, a little ’90s, a little 2017 and that’s basically my look. I’m ready for the sequel to Dazed and Confused, no matter what decade it’s set in. 

My latest YouTube video is up now! Check it out and subscribe? Please? 

I got to watch Rachel Maddow tonight because I’m at a friend’s house – I don’t have cable and my TV is 20 years old but Rachel makes me wish I had cable. Sometimes all the news is overwhelming and I love her ability to lay it all out clearly. I felt more hopeful than I have in a while that all of this will end with Trump in prison. Please, Lord. 

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