Fly the Friendly Skies 6.01.17

Jumpsuit and choker: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

I flew from Kansas City home to LA today! I had a great trip to Kansas, you can see the latest vlog here:

t’s good to be back in LA with Frida. I also got to fly first on the way home which is always a fun treat. And the legroom is to die for. I have to dress up on flights because I fly as a guest of my aunt, who’s a flight attendant, so officially I am representing the company. Also if they have space in first I can sit there, but only if I dressed up. I had been wearing a dress but that’s not too comfy while you fly, and then if you don’t get first you’re stuck in coach in a dress which is not a super pleasant experience. I decided I wanted a black jumpsuit, went to Forever 21 to look for one, and by Jove there it was. The perfect airplane outfit for me. Looks nice but it’s comfy and great for airplane naps!

More disappointing news – I honestly can barely stand to think too much about the US pulling out of the Paris climate agreement. Republicans today exist only to make liberals mad so they will jeopardize their children’s future just to stick it to liberal strangers on the internet. It’s “cut off your nose to spite your face” come to life.

At least I found a good jumpsuit. Sigh.

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