New Horizons 5.6.17

Shirt: H&M

Jeans and purse: Target

Jacket: NASA (bought it at Cape Canaveral) 

Shoes: Converse
I got these jeans a couple days ago at Target and it’s incredible what a well-fitting pair of jeans can do for your psyche. I’m a new woman. 

I’ve been on a journey to learn how to roll a joint for a movie I’m shooting next week. I don’t smoke weed because it makes me tired and boring but I booked a role as a small time drug dealer and I need to roll joints on camera. I made a vlog about my journey of self-discovery: 

I posted about this on twitter and it was interesting to see the responses. I’ve noticed that people on Twitter often don’t get when I’m joking around or being lighthearted. I guess most people followed me because of my political opinions so they expect me to be serious all the time, but I’m not. I can’t be. I can’t ever choose between being a serious person with educated political opinions and being a silly person who makes profanity-laced jokes. So yeah, my journey to learn how to roll a joint is supposed to be humorous. I’m making fun of myself for being completely clueless. I find it fascinating how many people assume I’m always being serious. Hyperbole is my natural state. 

I find taking a serious photo pretending to smoke a poorly-made prop joint hilarious, and it doesn’t hurt that I look good, too. 

I feel like people like being able to categorize you. Everyone wants to fit you in a box so they can make sense of you. It’s fascinating seeing people on Twitter describe my political opinions and try and ascribe labels to me so they can feel satisfied that I have been defined. I’m not even defiantly opposed to labels, but it’s unreasonable to expect people to conform to them all the time. I can be a Democrat who doesn’t always agree with everything Democrats do. I can be smart and obsessed with makeup at the same time. I can use my social media to talk about fascism and make jokes about how you should just let opossums in your house so they can become your pets. (I tweeted this today and someone said, “Really??” Like girl…. what do you think?)

I hope you’re all having a blessed weekend. For the record, I say “blessed” because I find it funny. Sigh.

Say hi on social media, I’m there a lot @erikaheidewald 


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