Indiana to LA ✈️

I’m back in LA! I had one last nice morning in Indiana with my mom and then got in an aluminum tube shooting across the sky as I watched Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

Jacket: Forever 21

Shoes: Mossimo at Target

Purse and backpack: Target

Dress: Tahari

New shoes!! I got them today at Target. I like Target a little bit, in case you didn’t notice. I had to dress up because I’m flying standby on pass travel – my aunt is a flight attendant and I am her official plus one – and since you’re representing the company, you have to dress up. Wearing a dress and heels in the airport still feels pretty ridiculous to me but I enjoy it, too. Everyone stares at you when you’re dressed up at the airport. I like attention. 

My new choker is from Claire’s!

I read up on the healthcare news right before I got on the plane and it’s just horribly depressing. I won’t have the money to buy health insurance without the ACA and I know health insurance is predicated on young, healthy people like me buying it. The system needs me to function, but I won’t be able to afford it. Frida currently doesn’t have health insurance and I have nightmares about her getting appendicitis like my brother did last year. I really wish the media would stop reporting on politics like a horse race. It isn’t about one party winning and another losing. Even if Republicans get voted out in 2018 over this, people will still have lost their lives. The AHCA will kill people. 

I’m really glad to be back in LA with Frida, even though it’s just for a few days! I go to Montana on Tuesday to film the movie Big Fork, then I’ll be back in LA Thursday night. Good thing I actually love flying. 

Sending my love to everyone in danger of losing their healthcare or who is feeling despondent. 

Find me on social media everywhere @erikaheidewald and say hi. 


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