Otis Days 5.3.17

I’ve spent the last few days in my hometown of Bloomington, Indiana visiting my mom and my former foster dog, Otis.

I’ve gotten really into editing my photos. Don’t worry about it. 

Pretty proud of this one tbh. 

Our amazing day at the lake!!! 

I was not supposed to let him on the couch and I mostly didn’t but when I came in the room and he was already on it, I took some cute pics before making him get off. Making cozy dogs get off of couches feels cruel to me. 
I’ve had no time for outfit posts (also I pack super light when I travel and then look bad the whole time I’m on vacation) or thinking about politics, except for the random rant on Twitter. It sucks sometimes to be enjoying my life and then I check twitter and it’s just a cesspool of negativity. Which makes sense – our political situation sucks right now, and I’m negative on twitter a lot too – but it’s draining. It’s nicer to spend time with a cute dog.
I have been wanting to vlog more so I made a pretty cute vlog of my two days with Otis! Check it out and subscribe to my channel to keep up to date. 😘

Follow me on social media I’m on my phone so much.


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