Disneyland Magic 4.24.17

I had a ridiculously great weekend, the kind of weekend that if I even tell you about it, you’ll hate me out of jealousy. OK, I tell you about it anyway. On Saturday I woke up first thing to an email telling me I booked a feature shooting in Montana in May. I really wanted to get this job and all I want to do with my life is travel and act in movies so this was a really great way to start the weekend. Then Frida and I drove up to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve to see the superbloom, but you’ll have to see those pictures later as we took a million and haven’t had time to go through them yet.

Yesterday we went with our friend Suzee to Disneyland! We have annual passes and we go at least once a month. I think having a place where you go and you always have fun and you can’t do any work is honestly invaluable.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_6160Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetIMG_6135IMG_6137IMG_6095

Velvet bodysuit: Forever 21

Shorts: H&M

Shoes: Keds

Hello Kitty socks: Target

I do think it’s time to retire these shorts after this trip. I felt a little ridiculous in them since they’re so big now. But what a swell bon voyage trip this was for them!

We do Disney in a very chill way – go on a few rides, eat once or twice, walk around and enjoy the ambience, then go home after five or six hours. It’s heavenly. After I got home I had to work on my Smosh articles so I didn’t have much time to keep up with the news. I am relieved to see that at this point it looks like Le Pen will not win the runoff election in France. France’s election is another big bellwether to see how strong the anti-democratic trend is in the West. Will America be one of the first big dominos to fall, or will other countries learn from our mistake? At least by looking at the Dutch and French elections, it appears so far that Europe may be deciding that they don’t want their own Donald Trumps, after all. Of course no (democratic) election is a sure thing, and I hope the French get out and vote for Macron in droves in the runoff.

I’m feeling a little exhausted with the political internet sphere at the moment. Men are hatefully obsessing over Chelsea Clinton, who isn’t doing a damn thing besides express her opinions, on a daily basis. I’m sick of people getting up in arms every time I make a joke on Twitter. I have a sense of humor and sometimes I use it. I never swore an oath to be serious all the time. I’m sick of Bernie Sanders shitting on the Democratic Party every chance he gets and when Democrats express frustration, we’re told *we* are the ones being divisive. Sometimes I feel like Twitter is a different world that does not reflect the real one and we waste a lot of time thinking that the opinions expressed on there have any application in the real world. I’ll have news stories blowing up my timeline to the point where I assume it must be major news everywhere, and then I can’t find a mention of it in any real news sources. A perfect example of this Twitter/real world dichotomy is the liberal/progressive divide. Some people on Twitter have decided that these are very different things. They call themselves progressives and decide who else is allowed to be called progressive, and anyone to the left of the Republican Party who they hate is deemed a liberal. This distinction does not exist in the real world. The New York Times and the Washington Post regularly refer to the Bernie Sanders/Keith Ellison wing as the “liberal” wing of the Democratic Party, which means “liberal” does not at all mean to the New York Times what it means to Twitter. It starts to feel like we have invented a fake world just to fight with each other in it. And I was never a World of Warcraft kind of girl.

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