Friyay 4.21.17

Today was one of those days where I didn’t put my makeup on until 4pm. The life of a freelancer who works from home!

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Tanktop, shorts, and choker: Forever 21

Yep, another all-Forever 21 outfit! At this point that’s going to be the title of my memoir. I look miserable but I’m not, that’s just my face. I am so incredibly grateful that half-up, half-down hairstyles are in right now, as that’s one of the only hairstyles easy to pull off on curly hair. I’m already dreading the day when half-up half-down hairstyles, chokers, and shirts tied around the waist go out of style.

Today I woke up, edited, and posted our new video, one of those things that I really wonder why I put it on the internet. Why don’t I seem to have any sense of privacy? I admire intensely private celebrities. No idea what that’s like.

Maybe someday I’ll regret posting all my private thoughts and experiences online but… probably not. I’ve never been a private person, even before social media wasn’t the huge presence it is now. I don’t want people to bother my family members or show up where I live (or threaten my life or other obviously terrible things), but in general I don’t mind if strangers know a lot about me.

People who follow me on Twitter or Instagram probably remember my foster dog Otis – Frida and I rescued him from a neighbor who was neglecting him and took care of him for two months until I drove him from Los Angeles to Indiana where he is now living with my friend Katie who I’ve known since middle school. Katie and my mom live in the same town so my mom is now Otis’ #1 dogsitter and watches him a couple times a week while Katie is at work. She sent me these pictures of Otis today and it turns out he’s learned how to drive!


I miss him so much it’s ridiculous, and I live for pictures of him even though they all make me cry. I wish I’d been able to keep him but I know Katie is the best dog mom Otis could wish for.

I wrote an article for Global Comment about resistance fatigue today, I’ll share a link once it’s posted. I talked about the importance of self-care, but not letting self-care become a justification to not do anything. We’re only three months in, this is still the beginning. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We won’t be at the science march tomorrow because we’re going to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve to see the superbloom, enjoy God’s majesty (I don’t actually believe in God, but I enjoy this phrase) and take some sick-ass Instagram pics.

Thanks to everyone who is reading this brand-new blog, I’m excited you’re here!

Find me on social media always @erikaheidewald


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