Burnt Orange – 4.20.17

I love this (faux) suede skirt so I’m trying to wear it while I still can – it’s a couple sizes too big and will soon start to look ridiculous. There aren’t a lot of downsides to losing some weight, but not having your clothes fit is one.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

Tanktop, skirt, choker, and jelly shoes: Forever 21. I am a basic bitch omg

I feel slightly embarrassed when I realize I’m wearing an all-Forever-21 outfit but shit, I am very poor and their clothes are adorable. I really look forward to the day when I can afford to buy organic cotton/hand-sewn/eco-friendly/human-friendly clothes but today is not that day.

I also felt a little ridiculous when I first put my hair up in this half bun because it is SO BIG but hey, it just is. Some of us have huge hair. This is one of the few hairstyles I can actually do with my texture and by myself. Most hairstyle videos are basically worthless for someone with long, curly hair and I don’t like to heat style because I already bleach the fuck out of my hair. I cannot have it fall out. I don’t have the face shape to pull off bald.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetFrida and I didn’t have anyone to take our picture so we put my camera on a stranger’s car and sat on the sidewalk. FASHION BLOGGERS GET IT DONE. This is far from the first time I’ve sat on the sidewalk in Hollywood and every time I do it people tell me how gross it is. I live in Hollywood. Gross is my element.


This is one of my 10,000 daily Instagram story posts. In our house, Frida does a lot of the domestic work. She cleans, she cooks, she does the laundry. But I’m the tall one. I do all the driving, and I’m tall. So I screwed a hook into the ceiling and hung this canopy, as well as fairy lights around the perimeter of our room, and I’m feeling pretty good about my contribution to the house.

I spent a couple hours researching nuclear war today for a new Rose Resistance PSA we’re working on. A lot of my plans for the future are contingent on Jim Jong Un not nuking Los Angeles, even though he will probably have that capability within the next few years.

Today was, of course, 4/20. I wrote this:

and wow, so many racist potheads came into my mentions to make it known to me just how racist they are. There is a certain type of guy who may have a MAGA or DSA political affiliation, I honestly can’t tell which one, they really love weed, definitely hate women, and seem to view all of life as a big fucking joke. I miss the time in my life several years ago when I barely knew they existed. The Democratic Party should make absolutely no concessions to bring these people on board. I was going to say “these voters” but honestly most of them probably don’t even vote.

I was saddened to hear about the Supreme Court denying a stay of execution for Ledell Lee so he could pursue DNA testing to try and prove his innocence. The death penalty is a shame on this country. I remember a few days before the November election, talking about it with Frida. California voters had an opportunity to end the death penalty in our state and I was desperate for us to take it. I’d made a video, written about it, tried to get the word out to the extent of my ability. And I just burst into sobs because it breaks my heart that my country does something so evil. Evil isn’t a word I like to use much, but I do believe that the state killing people solely for the purpose of retribution is evil. California voters did not vote to end the death penalty – in fact, they voted to speed it up, which only increases the likelihood that there will be innocent people put to death – a crushing November 8th disappointment to add to all the others.

When Frida got home from her meeting this evening, we shot a video for our YouTube channel (on our new pink set!) where we took a sex personality quiz. And that’s just life now. Really tragic things mixed with trivial, silly things. Days where I focus on nuclear war and my Instagram color scheme. That’s 2017.

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