Let’s Start a Blog! 4.18.17

Hey! Welcome to my blog. It’s starting today. Who STARTS a blog in 2017? I know, I’m a decade behind. I like using my social media accounts to reflect my interests in fashion, beauty, and politics, but it seemed like time to have a format where I can expand on those passions. So every day I’ll have an outfit post along with some thoughts on what’s going on politically, and some updates on my life and career.


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Shirt: Target

Jeans: Frida’s from Sweden

Choker: Forever 21

I was having one of those days where I felt like I didn’t have anything to wear so I found this shirt I haven’t worn for a few years, tied a knot in the bottom corner and paired it with my favorite Swedish jeans and a peachy makeup look. I am dying for summer.

Frida and I try to go to the gym every day right after she gets off work at 5. Doesn’t always happen, but it did today! I wore a Nike tanktop with a built-in sports bra, some REI pants, and Skechers.

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I’m going to have to retire the REI pants soon because they’re too big and got bunchy in the crotch (how ladylike!) but I guess that’s the goal of some workout clothes – to put themselves out of a job. Congratulations, REI pants.

I spent today talking with the LADWP guy who came to turn our gas back on (they have good union jobs, only 4 weeks training!), editing our new video for Erika and Frida, and decorating our room (you’ll see it soon enough).

Today’s video was inspired by a viewer question!

I found myself going on a Twitter rant this morning the way I often do – I wake up, check Twitter, something annoys me, and bleary-eyed and foggy-brained, I go off. I don’t know if this is healthy.

I detest this concept of “ordinary,” “real,” or “everyday” Americans. We are all real, ordinary, everyday Americans. People of color, LGBT people, disabled people, immigrants, college graduates, Muslims – we’re all normal, we all belong here, we all deserve a say in how our country is run. We don’t count less because we live in cities or identify as female. It’s patently false to say Hillary Clinton didn’t resonate with “ordinary Americans” when she won the popular vote by three million. She isn’t unlikable, she’s beloved by millions. She just didn’t do very well with straight white rural people. But they aren’t everything.

Thanks for checking out the blog, find me constantly on social media! @erikaheidewald



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